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how the fuck do you even write these things? jesus. let's just pretend this is the most eloquent paragraph you have ever read in the history of the entire universe, because i am shit when it comes to describing myself. uh. okay.

my name is wolfy, and i'm a pisces with a love of the arts. i'm an aspiring photographer and i hog the biggest camera we have at school to take pictures for our newspaper. i'm also a member of my school's drama club, and i'm a new member of our marching band color guard. i'm an up-and-coming band nerd who's planning on learning clarinet (and various other instruments afterwards). before tumblr i was a major weeaboo and when i first joined i was obsessed with homestuck. now my main focuses are youtubers who play video games, most notably rooster teeth, achievement hunter, and game grumps.
you know you've waited long enough
this magic can't die

don’t ever underestimate a gardevoir, they are VERY PROTECTIVE of their trainers, especially if they’re being harassed…

but hey! pokemon shaming is now my new favorite thing of the day. so here, have a sassy gardevoir proving her point with her supeawesome-totally-cool-and-kinda-scary psychic powers!

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